New England 9-Ball Series Rules

1. Games are played according to the Texas express 9 ball rules.
2. Winner breaks.
3. Dress code will be enforced. , No cut offs, no ripped jeans,  or tank tops allowed. Collared shirts must be worn at all events.
4. No unsportsman like conduct will be tolerated of any kind. Unsportsman conduct will result in loss of membership for the season.
5. Jump sticks are NOT ALLOWED. You must use a full length cue if you wish to jump.
6. Final registration is at 11:30 AM. Tournament starts at 12:00 PM. If you are not present when the tournament starts you CAN NOT PLAY!
7. There will be no conceding the 9 ball. If you concede the 9 ball, you automatically lose the conceded game plus the next game.
8. Cell phones are not allowed in the playing area. If you are caught with taking a phone call, you will automatically lose one (1) game. The next time you are playing, by Pro Express Rules and BCA Rules, you are caught taking a phone call, you will automatically lose the match.
9. The New England 9 ball Series has the right to refuse any entry.
10. Each player will receive a single five (5) minute break during matches unless there is a medical reason.
11. If there is a close call, please call a referee over to judge the shot. if you do not, the call goes to the shooter.
12. Break from anywhere.
13. You must call the nine ball.